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20 November 2023 Workshop Feedback!

Topics covered: Process-Neutrality-Separate interview (Aparté)

A successful mediation workshop! Our work revolved around a fictional role-play involving two partners in a watch manufacturer, whose collaboration had reached a critical point, threatening the project as well as the pre-existing business.

The exchanges between mediators that followed this exercise were extremely varied, giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences and points of view that were as varied as they were rich.

An initial reflection emerged on the crucial importance of deciding judiciously, depending on each situation, whether or not to propose individual meetings during the sessions in order to resolve professional conflicts effectively.

The delicate management of neutrality was examined in depth, with particular reference to Gary Friedman's book, "Inside Out", which should provide some particularly interesting insights on this subject. Highly recommended reading!

Finally, a joint reflection was also held on the initial approach to mediation. The participants debated the idea of carrying out an exhaustive review of the points to be dealt with from the outset, as opposed to a more open approach, with reference to transformative mediation. This diversity of perspectives underlined the importance of adaptability in the mediator's armoury.

All in all, the workshop provided each participant with an opportunity to exchange and share ideas on the key aspects of successful mediation, enabling them to tackle complex and varied situations with even greater confidence.

A huge thank you to all the participants!


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