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Person of Trust - PCE

Give your staff a neutral and anonymous support

Person of Trust - PCE

Recent economic and social developments have led to significant changes in working conditions and to the nature of work itself which in turn affected the health, personal integrity, and well-being of employees. Work-related Psycho-Social Risks (PSR) such as chronic stress, burnout and mental breakdown are now widely recognized as major challenges for occupational health and safety, and more broadly for public health.
The International Labour Organization declared in 2019 that sources of risk such as violence and harassment are a major threat to the safety and health of workers which may constitute a threat to personal integrity incompatible with safe and decent work.

In Switzerland, Article 6 of the Federal Labour Act (LTr) and Article 2(1) of the Labour Act Order 3 (OLT3) require the employer to take all necessary measures to protect and guarantee the physical and mental health of their employees.

A specific recommendation of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to prevent and manage psychosocial risks (PSR) is to establish an internal system that will allow any employee in difficulty to call for help from a neutral, independent, and trustworthy party:
The Person of Trust or Person of Confidence for the Employee (PCE).

Resolve hidden issues with the Person of Trust


What role for the Person of Trust?

Listening to the employee in difficulty, informing and guiding him or her towards the various possible solutions. This may involve calling a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist, or any other appropriate professional, and using mediation if necessary.
The Person of Trust can also help the company to put in place measures to prevent and manage PSR such as:
  • Information and communication
  • Zero tolerance of attacks on personal integrity
  • Involvement of staff in the implementation of measures
  • Clear definition of the steps to be taken
  • Establishment of indicators for absences, turnover etc.
  • Description of unacceptable behaviour

Advantages of a Person of Trust?

As mediation is one of the measures that can be organised by the Person of Trust, all the benefits of workplace mediation are implied by the Person of Trust.
Since the Person of Trust is primarily a preventive measure and exists at all times in the company, it brings the following additional benefits:
  • Assurance for employees to be listened to
  • Early detection of risk situations
  • Care for people in difficulty
  • Improved company image
  • Improved relations between employees and management
  • Compliance with the provisions of Swiss federal law

Why Terraxis Person of Trust?

Terraxis' prevention and management of psychosocial risks allows the employee in difficulty to come out of his or her silence and to be listened to in an attentive and proactive manner. We work with him or her to implement the most appropriate procedures, respecting the strictest confidentiality and professional secrecy. Our objective is to enable the reconstruction of a healthy and prosperous relationship between the company and the employee.

Type of issues addressed to the PCE

  • Mobbing - Bullying
  • Exclusion, racism etc.

  • Lack of recognition
  • Open/Hidden conflict

  • Poor communication

  • Sexual harassment
  • Burn-out / Bore-out
  • Conflicting tasks
  • Lack of role clarity
  • Excessive workload

  • Lack of internal support

  • Employment precarity

Terraxis Tips:

  • Issue an internal statement of a zero tolerance policy on threats to personal integrity to your staff.
  • Involve your staff in the discussion of Psychosocial Risk at work and how to address them.


  • 500 CHF HT per year (1-5 employees)

  • 100 CHF HT per additional employee

  • Includes 2 calls or meetings per employee and per year

  • More details on request


Can the Person of Trust service be part of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
Yes. The EAP is a general service providing assistance to employee which also included financial advice or any advice that are also outside the professional sphere and that can be addressed from anywhere. The Person of Trust is fully dedicated to the health of the employee and is a local contact giving him/her access to a full network of specialist within the same location so that visit or consultation are available.
Is the Person of Trust also a psychologist?
Not necessarily. The person of trust is the first person of contact. His/her role is to guide the employee towards the relevant specialist depending on the situation. His/her role is to listen and propose various solution adapted to the necessity.
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