FinSA Ombudsman

Terraxis SA is an independent Ombudsman Office recognised by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (FDF) as per the Financial Services Act (FinSA). Affiliate with Terraxis in order to fulfil your obligation as per Article 77.

Why Terraxis?
- We are not tied to any organism or association and can therefore guarantee a strict neutral and confidential mediation process*
- We are experienced and certified mediators from the Banking - Fund - Asset & Wealth Management industry
 * Available in English, French, German or Italian



Click "Register here" and complete the form.
Your 2021 affiliation is immediate via credit card. You will receive both your invoice and PDF certificate by email.
Via bank transfer, you will first receive the invoice upon registration, then the PDF certificate upon payment.

The affiliation is valid until 31 December 2021 with automatic cancellation. Any question? Please see FAQ below.



- 400 CHF incl. VAT per year and per company
- Deductible of FinSA and commercial mediation
- Group of companies registration? Please contact us

FinSA Mediation:
- No application fees
- 400 CHF excl. VAT per hour - Lumpsum fee on request


Payment method

By credit card or bank transfer. Bank details below:
Beneficiary : Terraxis SA, CHE-232.541.005
Rue de la Tour-de-l'Ile 1, 1204 Geneva
IBAN : CH 49 0024 0240 8959 7901 D
Note : Ombudsman Affiliation (art. 77 FinSA)

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we deduct FinSA affiliation fees of any other Terraxis services?

Yes, at Terraxis we encourage you to use the power of mediation to resolve any business dispute you may have. Therefore, we automatically deduct the FinSA membership fee from any commercial mediation.

Does Terraxis charge termination fees and impose a notice period?

Terraxis do not charge termination fees. 2021 affiliation will terminate itself automatically at the end of the validity period (31 December 2021). 2022 affiliation will be proposed to our affiliates in the course of next year and will remain at their sole decision. There is no automatic renewal nor our affiliates are bound to renew their affiliation should they don't want or need to.

Are there any additional fees for the first-year registration?

No, Terraxis does not charge such fees. There are no registration or application fees to pay and you only pay the affiliation fee mentioned in #02 above which includes all the costs associated with your affiliation.

Do we have to pay affiliation fees for 2020?

No, the obligation starts on 24 December 2020. Your membership for the year 2021 covers you as soon as you pay (before or after this date) and until 31 December 2021.

Is the cost the same regardless of the number of advisors working in the affiliated entity?

Yes, the price is per entity/company and not per number of advisors (art. 3 & 29 FinSA).


When does the FinSA Ombudsman obligation starts?
December 24th, 2020 as per art. 95 FinSA (6 months from June 24th, 2020 when FDF published the first recognized Ombudsman Offices)
How long can it take to register at Terraxis?

Your affiliation is immediate with a credit card payment. In the case of a bank transfer, it will require about 24 hours after payment execution.

We are a foreign entity, do we have to affiliate ourselves via our swiss representative?

No, you are entirely free to affiliate to the ombudsman office of your choice.

Until when an affiliation done today is valid?

December 31, 2021 regardless of when you registered in 2020.

What is the difference between an affiliation done today or later in 2020?

No difference, except that the earlier you are affiliated the earlier you can fulfil your obligation to inform your client as per art. 79 FinSA.

Will Terraxis inform the Swiss authorities of our affiliation?

Yes, Terraxis works directly with the Federal Departement of Finance (FDF) and will keep them informed of your entity affiliation in a process where you do not need to intervene. This is done on an annual basis as per art. 86 FinSA and is part of Terraxis duties as an Ombudsman Office.

Contact us

Office +41 22 732 61 19
Fax  +41 22 732 61 21
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Where to find us

Terraxis SA
Rue de la tour de l’Ile 1
1204 Genève